Current Projects

This is a showcase of projects, some long-term, and others that are in progress, or close to launch. The projects listed here will change from time to time, as new opportunities and projects come up, or I chase new ideas. All of these projects are in currently active, and documentation will vary depending on the stage of development of the project.  In the future I may use this space to field project ideas and proposals I am working on. 

fieldblogger.png Image: Bryce Tugwell - Bisti Badlands, New Mexico


Open-source field journal and storytelling software built For scientists, researchers, naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and travelers.

Fieldblogger is a mobile field journal and web publishing tool. What I call a "geoblog" - built specifically with scientists, researchers, and non-profit organizations in mind.

Project funded by: The University of Wyoming & The National Science Foundation.

Set for public release, winter 2018.

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Image: NPS / Jim PeacoImage: NPS / Jim Peaco

Wyoming Scavenger Cam

A live-stream wildlife cam set in the wilderness of Wyoming focusing on scavenging animals of the mountain west 

Launching Sept 2018